Ni Cr alloy steel pipe

Brief introduction of nickel chromium alloy steel


Commonly used materials of Ni Cr alloy 840, Ni Cr alloy 800, Ni Cr alloy 600, more than one like stainless steel containing higher nickel, is highly resistant to heat resistance and corrosion resistance of the excellent material.




Common outer diameter (as required)

Applicable environment

Temperature limit


Ni Cr alloy 840: air heating
Ni Cr alloy 800: air heating, water heating
Ni Cr alloy 600: air heating, water heating

Ni Cr alloy 840:800 DEG C

Ni Cr alloy 800:800 DEG C

Ni Cr alloy 600:800 DEG C


840 characteristics of Ni Cr alloy:Widely used in air heating, can adapt to the high humidity environment.

Product use: barbecue oven, sample machine, electric pan, canned drinks, heat storage type heating device.


800 characteristics of Ni Cr alloy:Has superior corrosion resistance, the use of a very wide range of materials.

Example: the use of the product: barbecue machine, oven, small water heater, dishwasher, roller type washing machine, heat storage type heating device, etc..


600 characteristics of Ni Cr alloy:Nickel content up to 72%, the most able to resist corrosion of the excellent material.

Application example: barbecue machine, electric oven.