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1. enterprise spirit:    Dedicated business, industry, I am proud of the industry, the industry is my shame, the pursuit of excellence


2. business strategy:    Seize the traditional products, research and development of new products, management and reduce the cost, to seek a reasonable profit, improve market share


3. management philosophy:    Quality is the customer is God


4. quality policy:    To establish the "quality is life" of the factory, to do a flow of work, a flow of quality


5. the use of people:    Jian Yin Yin, seeking a prize Xian, capable, Yongzhe


6. interest consciousness:    Employee benefits come from the profit of the enterprise, without the efforts of the staff, there is no development of the enterprise; without the prosperity of the enterprise, there is no honor for the staff.


7. interpersonal relationship:    Get along in unison, tolerant, harmonious, with due respect.


8. the market concept:    Establish a customer is God's consciousness, establish a customer, establish a confidence; make a group of friends, open one side of the market.

9. employee education:    Love enterprise, dedicated enterprise, improve the business level, advocate the moral culture